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Ayenza Moda

CROSS FRONT Mesh net top Hijab Undercap - WHITE

CROSS FRONT Mesh net top Hijab Undercap - WHITE

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Our mesh top undercaps are great for those who want to get some airflow under the hijab, especially for summer or travelling to hotter climates.  They are a more breathable alternative to tradition tie back caps. The ties are made from the same quality viscose and lycra blend and help keep the cap secure.

Please do not compare it to cheap market products which feel very synthetic and bobble easily.

Made from a blend of quality viscose (soft, smooth & breathable) and 5% Lycra, it sits comfortably on the head and will help to keep your hijab in place.

Azo dye free - unlilke the cheap versions from China.  Our undercaps are made from quality material and made in Turkiye, supporting muslim family run businesses.

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